Skyros Center

The capital of Skyros is built around the Byzantine castle, which was in antiquity the citadel. It is a beautiful city with great architecture, although reminiscent of the traditional Aegean has some local elements which distinguish it, with the houses being built glued to each other, where in earlier times created one of the pirates firewall. The town is crossed by the so-called “Great Strata”, from which start all cobbled, winding streets. While touring the streets of the country will encounter countless churches, from which to visit the Temple of Archontopanagias, the Virgin of Theodore, the Archangels and the square of Eternal Poetry, dedicated to British philhellene poet Rupert Brooke, who She buried in Skyros during WWI. Next to the square is the Folklore Museum Faltaits and the Archaeological Museum. The town is located in the northeastern part of the island and offers all tourist infrastructure with accommodation and many entertainment options.